See The Shocking Moment a Professional Thief Snatches White Man’s Phone in Traffic; Video Goes Viral -WATCH


A video viral on the information superhighway, thus social media captures the very moment a young guy snatched a white man’s phone in traffic.
He hastily took to his heels after getting hold of the phone leaving the owner and friends in the car in shock.

According to report, the white man intentionally placed his phone close to the window to check if anyone would snatch it and before he had thought, the said guy who snatched it had already decided.

As to whether how the thief spotted and stole the phone, one cannot tell.

But in the video one could see the thief endanger his life by crossing the road from other side and walked straight to car, thereby taking the phone from his hand.

Also in the video, one could see and hear colleagues of man’s phone who the thief stole laughing.

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