SAD NEWS: Armed Robbers Attacked And Rob Zack Gh At Gun Point

SAD NEWS: Armed Robbers Attack And Rob Zack Gh at Gun Point

We regret to inform you that armed robbers have attacked and robbed our brother Abdul Razak Amissah, well known as ZackGh, at his residence in Ejisu.

They stormed the home and proceeded straight to his landlord, robbing him and leading him to his (Zack’s) door, where they knocked;

When they heard a knock at the door, Zack and his sister were getting ready to leave for a music video shot of his song and a movie shoot, they (Zack and his sister) asked who it was, the landlord responded, so they figured the landlord wanted their help or something, so they opened the door to find out, only to be attacked and robbed of practically everything in the rooms.

Zack was assaulted by the criminals, who took money, phones, high-end sneakers, necklaces, and other items.

Zack was hospitalized after being beaten with the backs of their ammunitions by the armed robbers, but thanks to God, he is alive and has been released.

Meanwhile, authorities are conducting an investigation to determine who perpetrated this horrible act.


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