Nigerian Musicians Are Our Collaborators, Not Competitors – R2Bees

R2Bees have disclosed their Nigerian counterparts in music are supposed to be collaborators to Ghanaian musicians and not our competitors.

According to Omar Sterling, a member of R2Bees, the Nigerians need Ghanaians to survive and elevate their music and similarly, Ghanaians also require the help of Nigerians to elevate music in the country. He rebuked the fact that most people debate about who is better than the other.

Omar Sterling said in an interview on Okay FM’s Ekwansodwodwo with Abeiku Santana, that it is high time Ghanaians and Nigerians realize that they need each other to grow the music business in Africa.

He expressed that Nigerians have done so well in heightening Afrobeat music but Ghanaians are pioneers of Afrobeat music. And for the fact that Ghanaians are gifted with music talents but lack the numbers.

Nigerians are also blessed with the numbers but lack the music and for that matter, both countries need each other to elevate African music.

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