Don’t Play My Old Songs On Radio – E.L Warns DJs

Rapper, songwriter, and music producer, E.L, known privately as Elorm Adablah, has cautioned DJs not play his old songs on radio since he is now the new E.L.

According to E.L, if you don’t follow his music and you don’t play his new songs, stop playing his music and don’t attend his concerts.

Speaking in an interview on Adom FM, the rapper said that he hates people who dwell in the past. He said, those who dwell in the past can’t move forward in life, can’t change their minds and things for themselves.

E.L also told those who enjoy listening to the radio and also love listening to his old songs to stay home and not bother themselves to attend his concert because he won’t perform any old song there. He also warned DJs not to tweet his old songs because he will pretend not to have seen them and not retweet.

“I don’t like those nostalgic people who are living in the past, you can’t graduate, you can’t change your mind to anything, radio ‘soor’ you dey listen to. If you listen to the radio too much, don’t come to my concert,” rapper EL said.

“I have DJs who play my songs, they know my style, flex, and my vibes, and they know it all. They’re the ones who are going to be playing my music the rest I don’t care, don’t play my music, don’t play those old songs, and expect me to be retweeting it when you tweet at me,” he added.

“Don’t tweet at me, I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to see it. I’m now the new EL, this is different, I’m different now, I’m on a different level so if you don’t relate to it or don’t understand it, don’t play my music and don’t expect me to engage with you and don’t come to my concert” he emphasized.


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