Church Building Which Entrance Looks Like [email protected] Sparks Controversy -[SEE PHOTOS/VIDEO]

It is quite surprising to see viral photos of a church which entrance looks exactly like the under of a female.

All we know is that Temples are built in good artifacts, but this very one defied the odd, thereby looking differently.  It established that this very church is in the United States.

The church spread so fast to Asia, some Europe countries and is now present in several African countries, such as our lovely country Cameroon, Nigeria and some part of South Africa.

People who pray in this church believe they are wonderful, good and pray to the true and real God and have a habit of helping the poor or needy in the society.

The church is believed to have recruited numerous number of new people since its inception into various working areas.

The photos however, attracted mixed reactions, having many people expressing their disappointment at the artifact of the building.

Feel free to let us know what you think about this church in the comment section.

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